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HOPELESS WANDERER ; a fanmix for the doctor (+ companions).

i. prelude - muse / ii. i am the doctor (violin cover) - murray gold / iii. butterflies and hurricanes - muse / iv. walking far from home - iron & wine / v. dead hearts - stars / vii. please, please, please, let me get what i want (the smiths cover) - deftones / vii. hopeless wanderer - mumford & sons / viii. demons - imagine dragons

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This scene has a completely different meaning now…

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Title: UnknownThis is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
Artist: UnknownMurray Gold
Album: UnknownDoctor Who Series 3 OST
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This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home by Murray Gold

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Title: UnknownI Am The Doctor '13 (Live)
Artist: UnknownMurray Gold, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, London Philharmonic Choir
Album: UnknownDoctor Who at the Proms '13
Played: 1793 times


I Am The Doctor 
Murray Gold
BBC National Orchestra of Wales (feat. London Philharmonic Choir)
Doctor Who at the Proms (2013)

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thegreensatchel: "Woah, you just reminded me again how awesome is Doctor Who. We're magnificient :)"

Hear, hear! That post also reminded me of the wonderful, fuzzy feeling Doctor Who episodes used to leave me with. :)


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Matt Smith is done being The Doctor. Which means it is now time to introduce a female Doctor. This apparently upsets some of you […] I got a lot of folks saying that this was “PC tokenism.” That it would just be marketing. Falsely trying to balance — well, who gives a shit. You know the drill. It’s nonsense. Crap of the highest order […] You say, it’s “tokenism.” But tokenism isn’t what you think it is [..] Tokenism is a dismissive, hand-wavey gesture. Tokenism is, “Here, happy now? We’re eating bread, but you enjoy these crusts. HEY IT’S BETTER THAN NOTHING, SHADDAP.” Making your titular character — in this case, making the Doctor a woman — isn’t a token. It’s a nuclear bomb.

If we can’t give the role of a flesh-changing alien to a woman and instead relegate the actresses only to the “girl groupies,” that’s kinda fucked up, isn’t it? What kind of message is that for the families who are watching the show? Not the adult geeks of Whovian fandom, but kids who dig the character and all its assorted fictions? And it’s that last point that matters most for me; this is a show where kids are watching. Little boys. Little girls. Do we really want to say to little girls, “You can never be The Doctor? You are forever relegated to The Companion?” And do you really want that same message for boys? “You will always be The Doctor. Girls are forever your Companions.” Fuck that noise. I want my son to grow up in a world where women can be real doctors and imaginary Time Lord Space Doctors.

Chuck Wendig in “Why It’s Time to Genderflip Doctor Who” which so brilliantly tears down the “PC Tokenism” argument and argues powerfully why representation,proper representation, matters. (via whovianfeminism)

This is also why - whatever gender they make the Doctor - the show desperately needs more male companions.

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Title: UnknownThe Doctor and I
Artist: UnknownJohn Barrowman
Album: Unknown
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John Barrowman, Stephen Schwartz’s ‘The Wizard and I,’ and a Doctor Who twist.

The Doctor and I by John Barrowman

When I meet The Doctor
Once I prove my worth
And then I meet The Doctor.
What I’ve waited for since, since birth!
And with all his doctor wisdom
By my looks he won’t be blinded.
Do you think The Doctor is dumb
or like Oods he’s so small minded? No.
He’ll say to me “I see who you truly are, Jack
A man on whom I can rely.”
And that’s how we’ll begin
The Doctor and I.

Once you’re with The Doctor
your whole life will change
‘cos once you’re with The Doctor
you are not estranged.
No mother is not proud of you.
No brother acts ashamed.
And all of Time has to love you
when by The Doctor you’re acclaimed.
And this gift or this curse I have inside
Maybe it lasts don’t know why.
When we are hand in hand
The Doctor and I.

And one day he’ll say to me, “Jack my boy
A man who is so superior
shouldn’t a man who’s so good inside
have a different exterior?
And some folks believe it’s a fantasy
that in you there’s a good man to see
so they’ll appreciate you.
May I de-fabricate you?!”

And no of course that’s not important to me.
“All right why not?” I’ll reply.
Oh what a pair we’ll be
The Doctor and I?
Yes! What a pair we’ll be
The Doctor and…

Unlimited. My future is unlimited
And I’ve just had a vision almost like a prophecy
I know it sounds truly crazy
And true the vision’s hazy
But I swear someday they’ll be
a celebration throughout Time
that’s all to do with me.

And I’ll stand there with The Doctor
feeling things I never felt.
And though I never show it
I’ll be so happy I could melt.
And so it will be for the rest of my life
and I want nothing else ‘til I die.
Held in such high esteem.
When people see me they will scream.
As part of TV’s favourite team
The Doctor and I.

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Tardis Shawl Knitting Pattern

First class example of deus ex machina in philosophy class?
The sonic screwdriver.
I think I’ll like this course.



The most effective pick up line in all of time and space

Friendly reminder that these are all in the same episode

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‘It’s bigger on the inside’ - the TARDIS through the years

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So an advertisement for a new weight pill was airing on the radio a few days ago. I didn’t pay it much attention at first, until the lady speaking said that this new pill will “make the fat fall right off”. Interesting choice of wording there…



There is something of the wolf about you.

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