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We’re all Scared - [x]

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So I made a thing. (x)

Reblogging for those who missed it.

So I made a thing. (x)


We all are.


Human Sexuality is Complicated…

In which Hank takes on a topic he’s been afraid to cover for a while now. How should we talk about sexuality, what is the difference between sex and gender…and between sexual orientation and sexual behavior.

It’s very interesting…and I think understanding it is a key to decreasing the amount of hate and self-hate out there.



SciShow: The Science of Lying

Huge thanks to Nick Jenkins our technical director for putting this all together. I’ve never even seen that show….

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I’m making a point here, and it’s that you don’t know jack
The best of you can hope to have been taught to learn
To yearn for more that you’ll still have to earn

10 favourite YouTubers - vlogbrothers (x)

How do you get past your insecurities?

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The Hunger Games is a very serious book with a very serious message. That our culture accepts things that it should not and our culture is accepting things, that is not as bad as what is happening in the Capitol, but they are bad, and we accept them. We are much more shocked by little stupid things then we are by the big, gigantic tragedies that we all, as a human organism, face constantly on this planet. —Hank Green [x] (via whenthepondfreezesover)

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Read books. Care about things. Get excited. Try not to be too down on youself. Enjoy the ever present game of knowing. —Hank Green, Vlogger, Nerd, Awesome (via marcwilkinson)

The ads on YouTube videos have become less annoying & more entertaining to me. (x)

(P.S. If you haven’t seen SciShow, I highly recommend it!)




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My brain is encapsulated by this culture, and it makes me do all the ‘things to do’. —Hank Green (x)