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Justin Barton

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Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway

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Wave by Edwin_Abedi on Flickr.

Brandhorst Museum Munich / Tilt and shift lens by romokle on Flickr.

Wave by Edwin_Abedi on Flickr.

Sherlock Holmes Museum, London

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Dimetrodon - Harvard University Museum


| |   Orsey Museum - Paris  | by © Maxime Bessieres

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Library at the Shiba Ryōtarō Memorial Museum by Tadao Ando. (via teachingliteracy)

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Marrakech Museum – Museo, Morocco, HDR by marcp_dmoz on Flickr.

Erawan Museum - the ceiling by krashkraft on Flickr.

University Museum, Oxford by Martin Beek on Flickr.

Museums of Scotland - Kelvingrove Art gallery and museum in Glasgow - (on Explore) by jackfre2 on Flickr.

Museum montage by Daveybot on Flickr.

Museum of the Holy Etchmiadzin by nersess on Flickr.