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Secret Mosaic Staircase in San Francisco

Well the Ocean Took My Baby by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Mechanics Institute Library, located at 57 Post Street in San Francisco, is the oldest library on the West Coast. It was started in 1854. Inside this spectacular library is a stunning spiral staircase definitely worth exploring. Inside you will find this hidden gem of a staircase. Try not to make eye contact with the security guard and just start walking right up the stairs like you know where you’re going.

Where Are the Daisies by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.


| Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco  | by mhitchner | via mxmwxw


3 12 by seaofbirds on Flickr.

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Oh at least you have a circle, Glasgow. We’d LOVE to have a circle. I’d even settle for a single line connecting two dots. But no. Nothing.


House in San Francisco designed by SB Architects


Golden Gate Bridge (by Allen Le)

Every December, thousands of origami cranes adorn a large, 20-25 foot Christmas tree, called the The World Tree of Hope, outside the San Francisco City Hall. These cranes are inscribed with wishes for the future.

Holiday Panorama by Della Huff Photography on Flickr.