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Mosaics Created from Thousands of Hand-Cast Resin Flowers and Candy

New York artist Kevin Champeny merges aspects of painting, sculpture and mosaics with his large-scale images of skulls, flowers, and other objects. While the idea of creating images using thousands of components like this might not be particularly new, Champeny challenges himself by creating each tiny element by hand. He starts by building silicone molds of the original pieces, then casts them in color (meaning nothing is painted, each hue has to be mixed and cast) using various poly-urethane resins. The final objects numbering in the tens of thousands are then painstaking glued to a surface piece by piece, meaning that the entire process for each artwork spans several months to design, sculpt, mold, and cast. Amazingly the skull above is made from over 35,000 handmade flowers while the rose uses 15,000 resin candies. You can see much more of his work on his blog.

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Secret Mosaic Staircase in San Francisco

Kievskaya Metrostation (Станция метро Киевская) by foje64 on Flickr.